Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas is everywhere...

Hello All! Hope everyone's doing well out there! I can't believe we're 8 days away from Christmas! 2009 will be here before we know well as my wedding, ahhh! :)

Anyway, today I've decided to put up a some of my cards and crafty things that I'm hoping you would love to give as gifts to your loved ones! :) So Christmas is coming and you don't know what to give your friend, co-worker, secret santa -- I've got just the things for you! Everything is handmade by me...Please take a look! :) Sorry that some of the pictures aren't perfect...I tried! hehe
First Up: Christmas Cards...each individual card is $2.00-- a box of 5 for $5.00 -- a box of 10 for $8.00. You may choose an assortment of cards or do a box of all the same, your choice! :) Below are just a few samples. I also have various gift tags that I am selling. $.50 each or 5 for $2.00. (Sorry I don't have any pictures of those at this time).

I've also been putting together packages of cute little wine charms for your wine/margarita/cocktail classes! These are sooo fun! I've got a wide range of charms to choose, sea shells, butterflies, christmas lights or ornaments, etc. They come in packages of 5 and 6. One set is $7.

Check out these CUTE Stocking Stuffers...Snowman Poop! The little poem on them say it all! These are going for $2 each.

I had a BLAST making these Snowman Soups as well. Each come with a packet of hot cocoa, mini marshmellows, a candy cane, and 3 hershey kisses. $5 each.

All shipping is $5 and I will ship within 24 hours. I can possibly also deliver it to you if live in the Eastern CT area. All work is handmade by me with care and love. :) Also, if you would like to order anything else on this site (i.e. picture frames, custom scrapbook albums, etc.) let me know!

Please contact me at if you would like to place an order or have any questions, comments, etc. Have a great day all!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Life's been crazy...

Hi all! Hope everyone's doing well out there! I know its been awhile...and again I apologize. But let's get down to business! :)

Monday night I hosted my first Stampin Up! Party and I must say, it was a great success. I had 10 lovely ladies show up ready to get crafty and create! I am sooo excited about joining Stampin Up! and becoming a demonstrator (which will most likely be after the holidays). I have such a love for paper and all those crafts alike that dates back to when I was 2 or 3 years old (just ask my mom for the story on that..tehehehe)! :)

So I came home from Kaia's Christening and family party Sunday afternoon to see a scrapbooking corner built in my room! Tim hated to see the pile-up of scrapbook and paper craft things scattered throughout my room, so he made me my own space! :) He's he so wonderful! It's nothing too spectacular and not that much room, but it does the job and I couldn't be any happier! :) I will have pics up soon, I promise!

Can u believe that Thanksgiving is only 9 days away!? Holy-cow! Where has November gone?! That means I better start on the Christmas shopping ASAP annnnddd snow is about to fall. Boohoo! :(

Tim and I celebrated our one year anniversary on November definitely flew by! I can't wait to see what the rest of our future holds. :)

Happy Belated Birthday goes out to my sister, Erin (Nov.5th), and my cousins (husband and wife) Mike & Jessie (Nov. 3rd and 4th). And to their daughter, Sarah (Nov. 10th) and to my cousin Ryan's son, Logan (Nov. 26th). WOW! So many November babies! :)

And finally, I'm leaving you with a scrapbook page/keepsake creation I made a while ago for my good friend, Brooke. I took her to her first EVER Boston Red Sox game back in May. I used some Red Sox stickers and the team colors for my paper. I found some cute 'Play Ball' ribbon that also coordinated with the team colors. Love it! :) (sorry the 2nd picture is a little blurry...the scrapbook page is displayed in a 12x12 black frame.)

Stay tuned...I hope to post more creations later today. Have a great Wednesday!


P.S. Like my new signature I designed above?! :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

"dont let your mind not let you have fun" - jason mraz

...just a little quote from a Jason Mraz song...kinda goes along with myself...considering I'm a creative person. But anyway, sorry for the delay of posts is taking over me! hahaha Happy Monday all! Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and a good weekend! :)

On Saturday, we hosted our 9th Annual Erin B. Lugauskas Memorial Scholarship Halloween
Benefit Dance (wow...thats a mouthful! hahaha)! It was defintiely another success! Thanks to all who attended and contributed...we could have NOT done it without you! Here are just a few pics of the night:
The lovely raffle baskets :)

My dad (I mean Tim) and I lol

wow...thats a scray picture! lol

...the costume contest

...that's all for now! I'll try to post more later. Now since the Benefit is over, it's time to concentrate on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and of course, my Wedding! Yayyy! I'll have some card creation posts up soon, as well. See you all later!
- Megs :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm such a slacker...

WOW...i've really been slacking! I haven't posted (or blogged, should I say) in over a month! I'm sooo sorry! Well, let's see where I last left off...
  • Tim and I are offically having our wedding ceremony and reception at Tyrone Farm in Pomfret, CT on Saturday, September 12th, my very own handmade Save The Dates may be coming very soon to a mailbox near you! :)

  • I went dress shopping with my mom the other day to Classic Images. I found one that I absolutely L-O-V-E! Maybe I'll post pics of it later...I haven't put a deposit on it yet, but I'm hoping to within the next week or so!
  • The 9th Annual Erin B. Lugauskas Memorial Scholarship Halloween Benefit Dance is creeping up on us...Saturday, Nov. 1st. Mom, Sam, and I have been workin our butts off trying to get the raffle baskets done, tickets sold, running around, and somehow finding our own Halloween costumes in the mix. Email me for more information about this fun event!

  • I am absolutely loving the fall season and I am sooo excited that Tim and I chose this season to have our wedding! Here's a little pic of my celebration...Happy Fall! :)

Meisha - 12 weeks old

  • And a few cards that I've worked on:

I sent this one to my Grandma in Florida!

and this Birthday card was for Tim's mom...

I think that's all for the update right now. Tonight Tim's taking Mason & Meisha to their vet appointment...while I'm going to a StampinUp! demonstrators house to get the insight and low-down on how to become one, as well as hosting my own party! I can't wait! :) Talk to you all very soon!

Have a good evening!!! xoxoxo

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just some stuff...

Wow its DEF been awhile since I've last posted last and it's been a busy few days and weeks! Its the usual work, we checked out Tyrone Farm for the 2nd time as a possible wedding ceremony and reception area, and on Friday the 12th, the ever-needed nose surgery for my deviated septum and my sinuses...what fun! Everything fortunately went very well and as of today, I feel a totally new person! :)

I know I've told many of you about my wedding theme being sunflowers and the fall since its in September and I was searching the web and came across this ultimate color inspiration by kwernerdesign! I love it! It's so perfect for me! All I need now is to book the Tyrone Farm site and we're in business! :)

Now just a little reminisicing of going back to almost a year ago when Tim and I first met (10.31.07)...this is the first picture we took together...and also one of my all-time faves! :)
- an 8x8 scrapbook page:


- a 12x12 scrapbook page:

Aren't we just so cute?! :) I'll try not to neglect you all out there again for soooo long next time...hope everyones doing well!

- Megs

Monday, September 8, 2008

Business Advertisement

Hi all! Hope everyone had a great weekend...and weren't too washed away by tropical storm Hanna. :) My weekend wasn't too eventful, so I decided that I wanted to show you a few photos of my newest stamp to my scrapbooking/card-making Business Advertisment stamp:
A little blurry, but I use this stamp on the back of all my card making creations. I've gotta give myself credit somewhere now, right?! :)

So I weathered the rain this weekend and helped Tim and his dad (and Meisha joined, too) sell some mums, pumpkins, and Indian corn. I took a bunch of pictures there of Meisha and Tim and some creative ones, as well. I'll have those up soon! These things definitely got me into the Fall Season spirit...I'm kinda excited for fall now. :) I took home some Indian corn and I'm going to make some decoration swags with them. Don't worry, I'll have those pics up too when I finish those. Depending on how my swags come out, I'm thinking about selling them. You'll have to let me know what you think. That's all for now. Talk to you all later!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Keepsake Creation

Happy (thirsty) Thursday Morning to all! :) I've definitely been busy tryin to take pictures of all the work I've done and upload them to my computer to eventually put up on here. It seems like its taking me forever! But anyway, I was looking around my room to see what kind of Keepsake Creations I have come up with and...TA-DA! It was staring me right in the eye! It's a frame I created with one of my favorite pictures of Tim and I. :) What do you think?! Do you have a favorite picture that you want framed creatively? I'm more than happy to do it...feel free to contact me at! Talk to you all very soon!

P.S. I also want to wish a VERY Happy 26th Anniversary to my mom and dad! I love you two so very much! I don't know who and where I'd be now if it werent't for you guys! xoxoxo
--Here's a goodie for you all to enjoy!

-Mi Familia -- Caribbean Cruise 2007-

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Outside Photo Session with Sam

So for my first REAL graded project through PennFoster School, my task was to use my subject (any woman I knew) in flattering natural light, outdoors, in a pleasent setting. I chose to use, no other than, my best friend and little sister, Sam! :) Knowing that she's very photogenic, it put my nervousness for this project at ease. Instead of traveling to a nice outside setting, I decided to take the pictures at my home...12 Golden Drive, Plainfield, CT...the home and land of mine for the past 24 years...where I grew up! Anyway, here's a look at some of my work! Thanks again to my sister for being so willing, cooperative, and very patient with me, while I photographed her for this assignment. Love u sis! :) Take a look at some of my work:

This is my ultimate fave...I might use this first one for my assignment to send into school...

...and my last favorite (even though it doesn't go along with the assignment)...just because my children -Mason & Meisha- are in it as well..

What do you think? Let me know!

Monday, August 25, 2008

A New Business Logo

It's been awhile since I've posted last...just trying to get this business thing UP and GOING! I've been trying to locate and organize all of the work I have done for clients in the past few months (all my work is basically scattered on three different computers, so I'm sure you can image how crazy I'm going :)) Here's a logo I did for Tim's Landscaping business...he loved it! :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My first blog entry...yay!

Hey everyone! I've finally decided to join this whole 'blog' world to give you insight and the know into my days and nights with Picture Perfect Creations! Hope you enjoy! Email me at if you have any questions, comments, etc! :) Talk to you very soon!

- Megs :)