Friday, September 10, 2010

First Craft Fair Update!

So remember this post when I mentioned the Craft Fair I was busy getting crafty for?! Well it came and went this past Sunday, Sept. 5th...and I must say it went fairly well! :) All of my Halloween goodies SOLD! And my altered Compostion Notebooks and jumbo paperclip bookmarks were also popular. Here are just a few pictures from it. Lighting isn't the greatest, but I wanted to make sure I snapped a few of them before I sold anything! lol

I have decided to partipate in another Craft Fair at my church on Saturday, October 2nd, so now I am super busy again getting things ready for that one! Making all those Halloween things that were sold, as well as some new Christmas things! I promise to share. The rest of my Halloween things will be featured in my upcoming 12 Weeks of Halloween posts.

Onto to other things...Happy Weekend to All! :) This is the first weekend in a few that I don't have to work both of my jobs! Yayyy! (Last Saturday was my last day at the restaurant...waiting on tables and waddling around at 7 months pregnant isn't easy! lol) So do we have anything fun planned? The hottie hubs and I are celebrating our First Wedding Anniversary on Sunday (Sept. 12th) so we'll be spending as much time as we can together this weekend. He has something planned for us, but won't tell me where, when or what. I can't wait to find out. but I'll let you all know when I do! teehehehe

I'm off to put my (swollen) prego feet up to relax! lol Have a great Friday night!



Hey Megan...I'm so happy that your first Craft Fair went well! Isn't it great when they go good?! Makes ya all giddy inside to sell your handmade goodies :)

Can't wait to see some goodies you make for Christmas :) Take care of you and your poor swollen prego feet (I feel your pain - mine used to do that too when I was prego) HUGS!!! xoxoxo


Congrats on your First Anniversary! Have a good time together and get some r&r.

Cecelia B


Well done on the success of your first craft fayre, not surprised your table looked scrumptious x leigh x