Thursday, May 5, 2011

I've been thinking...

WARNING -- this is a longgggg post! ;)

That's right...I've been thinking...A LOT lately...about my crafting and blogging and how I've been really slacking with the both of them!! Since having my lil guy, Tayton, things have settled down these past few weeks and months, may I add, and we've gotten on a some sort of a schedule. I've actually had some time to do some creating! The thing is, I create and get my craft-on, but I NEVER share/blog about it!  I'm determined to get my crafty things blogged, my photography and Stampin' Up! businesses more active, and my name out there even more, AND apply for some Design Team positions!  My goal is to now blog at least 3 days a week -- whether it be craft, business or family related. So if it seems like I'm slacking, yell at me...please! :)

I have also come to the conclusion that I have tons and tons and TONS of pictures that I NEED and WANT to get one of those 3 days that I want to blog, will be about a scrapbook page! I've really been into cardmaking a lot lately and haven't paid too much attention to my scrapbooks and the endless amounts of pictures and odds-n-ends that I want to scrap. I am now devoting my Thursday blogging days to my scrapbook layouts! I would love for you to join along in my challenge! :)

I'm not sure if you all remember this post, I seem to be going back to it every now and again to see what my goals were...and to say that I've made them over a year ago, kinda makes me sad and a little lazy and down-n-out. I had quite a few goals for 2010 and am very happy to say that I reached at least one of my creative goals, actually five of them (Re-organize My Creative Studio--errr I sorta did; More Blogging, Candy & Giveaways--I like to think I had quite a few this year!; Expand my Stampin' Up Business--got my first downline recruit in November; Photograph my Frst Wedding; and finally, Participate in my first Craft Fair)!

And somehow I got around to reaching 3 of my personal/family ones (Raise $200 for Relay for Life and Erin's Everlasting Butterflies Team; Become more organized; Reconnect with family and friends, near and far! :) and I'm not sure if you wanna say that this was completed or not, but we did decide not to breed Meisha...soo errr, maybe thats four things?? lol I dunno) But then, I must add in, my husband and I received the greatest blessing anyone could ask for...a VERY healthy, happy and handsome baby boy! :)

So yeah, life has been crazy lately and I love it and I'm DEF not complaining!!! But it's time to get things back in order. I work 2 days a week doing my graphic design and I'm back at the restaurant for another 2 days. That leaves me 3 days off with LOTS of LIFE-type-of-things to do (ie. being a mother, cooking, cleaning, etc..., you know the usual). But like I said, I am determind to keep this blog, as well as my Picture Perfect Creations--Crafty Challenges, still up and running! And let me just tell you, that I absolutely LOVEEE all of my blogging friends here and my ladies at PPC-CC. I don't know where the I or the blog would be without them. I am so very thankful for all of the new partipants we're getting these past few weeks, as well! You're all the best!

Ok...thanks for letting me 'vent'. Please stay tuned here at PPC where I hope to bring you more of my crafty creations, ideas and daily ramblings of my crazy LIFE! :) And don't forget, every Thursday will be a scrapbook page/layout sharing day...and I invite you to take on the same challenge! :)  (hmmm...have you noticed that this post is my 4th one already this week!? I'm starting off on a good note, too! hehehe). 

If you've gotten to the end of this post, THANK YOU! And with that said, here's a lil treat...a picture of Tayton's First Professtional Photoshoot at 4 months old -- tell me that this is NOT the cutest thing you have ever seen! I'm such a proud mother! :) hehehe

Thanks for listening!



Ok girlie...first of all - I LOVE YA! xoxoxo Please don't beat yourself up because you haven't met all your goals from before. You've done amazingly well - you've been pregnant most of last year, had a baby, worked, kept up a challenge blog, a family life, a home, etc. etc. etc. :) I think it's awesome that you will be blogging more and doing more scrapbooking! I can't WAIT to see what you scrapbook of this cutie patootie little man of yours - he's SOOOOO stinkin' adorable Megan!
If you ever need help with anything else - you holler! I love helping you out and our PPC challenge blog ROCKS, so keep up the awesome work, BOSS :) xoxoxoo