Friday, January 8, 2010

My 2010 = New Goals, Fresh Beginings & Lots of Changes

Wow...I can't believe 2010 is here already and I welcome it with my first post of the decade! :) I hope you all had a great New Year's...I sure did, but it was definitely uneventful. I worked at the restaurant till 10:30ish and came home to a hubby fast asleep and still got no 'New Years Kiss' Oh well...maybe next year! Ha!

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot in these past couple of weeks about the changes, new beginnings and goals or maybe resolutions of some sort, that I want to set and accomplish this year...not only creatively but through my personal/family life, as well. So this is what I came up with:

  1. Re-organize My Creative Studio: I feel like I can't enjoy my creative time in a place that is far beyond trashed! lol I've been in the process of throwing out scraps, reorganzing all my stamps, and putting things back in order. Hopefully soon enough I'll have my space back!
  2. More Blogging, Candy & Giveaways: I know I started doing well with my blogging the last couple months, but I do want to blog more this coming year! I also plan on having more candy, giveaways, product spotlights, tutorials, and of course some good changes here at PPC.
  3. Expand my Stampin' Up Business: I really do LOVE being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator and would love to have more customers to share my ideas and love of stamping with! I will have more of my own monthly specials, classes and clubs this year, as well! Please spread the word!
  4. Photograph my Frst Wedding: I have scheduled my first wedding that I will be photographing!! It is my sister's best friend, Liz and Kyle's wedding on July 17th...I couldn't be more excited...and nervous at the same time! :)
  5. Scrapbook More: I plan on scrapping my Wedding, Honeymoon, & Bachlorette pictures this year!...and I can't wait to start!
  6. Participate in my first Craft Fair: It has always been a goal of mine, and this year I hope to take it on full force. My mom and aunt used to take part in the town Craft Fair, so I will be looking to them for help with this. :) :)
  7. 2010 Goal Scrapbook: I will also be scrapping each of my 2010 Goals that I accomplish this year. :)
  8. Add to my PPC Resume: In otherwords, I would LOVE to be on a Design Team to a challenge blog or maybe even a company! (hint hint ;) ) I am working hard on adding to my design resume...if you'd like to feature me! ;)  

  1. Go to the gym and eat healthy.
  2. Pay off my credit card debt.
  3. Raise $200 for Relay for Life and Erin's Everlasting Butterflies Team...I will NEED you, my follwers help with this, too!
  4. Start building our dream house. :)
  5. Breed Meisha, my dog.
  6. Become more organized!
  7. Reconnect with family and friends, near and far! :)
As you can tell, there is so much I want to doooo...I better get going on it! I hope to put together a 2010 Goal Scrapbook soon too, that way I can keep track of all my accomplishments! (Like #7 in my Creatively list! hehehe)

So anyway, its Friday and I am super happy about that! I have the evening off from work so I plan on blogging and getting crafty! Have a great day!!!

Happy Friday All!