Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Update at the Sajkowicz House...

Hello All!
Hope you're all doing well out there! Just wanted to update all of you...

First off, I'd like to apologize for my lack blogging and crafting lately. June and July are my busy months here at the Sajkowicz house and crafty playtime is far and few. This weekend (June 25 & 26) we have our Relay-for-Life Cancer Event which takes place every year, and it put on by the American Cancer Society. My mom and I have started our own team about 8 years ago named Erin's Everlasting Butterflies, in memory of my older sister who passed away from cancer almost 12 years ago. We have been super busy fundraising and getting things together for our team. The link above will explain more! :)

Next, my hubby, son and I have planned on our first family vacation and camping trip next month, as well. We'll be heading to New Hampshire on July 10th for a week with some family and friends and we couldn't be more excited! We've been getting things ready for this out the camper, making plans, etc.

And like all of you, everyday life has caught up with me! lol I've been working two jobs and I'm extremely busy with them, too! Along with raising Tayton (who is now almost 7 months old -- where has the time gone?!) and trying to enjoy every little bit of time with him! Oh and did I mention that I am a Stampin' Up! demo!? Yeah...that business takes up some, too! lol

Phew!!! I'm sorry if I babbled on about nothing to you all, but I just wanted to let you know where I stand. I will indeed keep posting our weekly challenges at PPC for all of you to take part in, and if time permits, I will DEF get crafty, too!

And if I don't get to blog as often as I'd like, plea take care and have a safe and very fun summer!!! :)

Thanks again and chat soon!