Monday, March 21, 2011

PPC-CC Specialty Challenge #5: "Show Us Your Creative Space!"

Well hello my friends! This week's challenge at PPC is another Specialty Challenge for us and we're throwing a bit of a twist on it. Instead of make something crafty, you must ''Show Us Your Creative Space!"

We all absolutely LOVE to see where everyone likes to get crafty! There are so many different "spaces" out there and a lot of neat and funky ideas for storage, and space, and organization!

Before I show you my Creative Stuido, let me just explain a few things first...My space is my old bedroom as a teenager in my parent's house...notice the bright colors?! lol Guhh! I HATE the color pink now and would do anything to change it, but won't at this time anyway. haha  I am currently living in my parent's in-law apartment and they were so VERY nice to allow me to keep that room for all of my crafty things. And let me tell you that I am ecstatic about it! There would be NO room for the amount of crafty stuff I have in my apartment!! Also, there are a few other 'junk' related type things in the room, like some of my stuff from when I was younger that I really don't have room for in my apartment, either. And you may notice Tayton's pack-n-play in there, as well. :) He like to keep me company when I get crafty...but shh! please don't tell his daddy that! hehehe I was hoping to get more cleaning done this past weekend, but the stomach bug hit us all here and we're just getting over. Sorry for the clutter and mess...this is the best you're gonna get now! lol

So without further ado, here is my Creative Studio! ENJOY!!! :)

Here is where I do my blogging, of course! :) I also store all of my Stampin' Up! Cardstock and Ribbons here with a few other odds and ends. The wooden table, paper organizer, ribbon holders and shelves were all made by my wonderful hubby, Tim! :)

This is were my Big Shot and Cricut Die-Cutting Machines are kept and the drawers hold paper scraps and whatnot. Above that is my ink holder and to the right is my bulletin board with a few of my favorite creations.

My Stampin Up! wooden stamp storage...

And lastly, this is were I create and get crafty!!! :) I have all of my punches at hand for me, and my paper-cutter is off to the right-side of the table (not shown). All of my clear mount stamps and a few more punches are stored in the wooden box on the wall. Big thanks to my hubby for making that for me, too! :)

Welp, there you are! There's my messy Creative Studio! Hope you enjoyed the tour! One of these days, I'll really get it cleaned it...I promise! hehehe 

Now what are you waiting for!? We wanna see your Creative Space and be sure to post it and share it with us at PPC! And don't for get about our DT still have till March 31st to apply if you haven't already done so. Have a great day!


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections

Great space! Love all your fun baskets!


Hey seeing where your gorgeous pieces of art come from! Love the baskets you have :)


Megan what a great challege this is. It is so much fun to see where everyone crafts. Your space is amazing and I must say I love the baskets you have too!