Tuesday, August 17, 2010

That 'nesting' stage...

Not sure if you've all noticed, but I've been on a blogging role here at Picture Perfect Creations! I think I've blogged everyday for the past ten thats a record ladies and gentleman! lol And I plan on continuting with the streak, too! It must be that 'nesting' stage everyone talks about...

Speaking of the 'nesting' stage, just wanted fill all of you in on some really exciting news!!! As some of you may already know and you can obviously tell my the countdown ticker above, my husband and I are expecting our first child...a handsome little boy! And we couldn't be more excited about it! Our due date is actually on Thanksgiving (November 25th). Baby Sajk (short for our last name, Sajkowicz) is healthy and doing great, as well as myself, if anyone cares to know. :) Right now I'm 25 weeks along. We do have a name picked out but we're not sure if we want to share it with the world quite yet, even though we've already told a lucky few of you.

Here's a few pictures of the hottie hubs and I. They were taken about 5 weeks ago, so now I'm even bigger, but I just don't have any updated pics to post yet.  Hope you like them!

I also wanted to chat about the future here at PPC and as long as I am alive and healthy, and so isn't my new little family, I will continue to blog my crafty creations, as well as post our weekly color combos, DT submissions, prizes, and more. Once Baby Sajk comes along, I plan on working in the office doing my graphic/technical design for 2 days and then from home another 2 days or so a week. I am also considering going back to the restaurant a day or 2, as well. (Not really sure about that yet) I'm just hoping all of this will allow me the time to continue to craft and share it all with you, raise a child/family with 2 st. bernards (lol), work on my Stampin' Up! and photography businesses (I will chat more about the photography business soon), help with the hubby's landscaping business, AND have a life! I guess we shall see, huh? How do all of you moms do it out there?? Advice is always welcome! :)  I'm very excited, but also so anxious and nervous about it all! I've always been a busy, busy person...just hoping I can keep up with it all now. Oh and did I mention that I've been crafting away with all the invites, favors, etc for my baby shower? In addtion, we have our 11th Annual Erin B. Lugauskas Memoral Scholarship Benefit Dance coming up on November 6th. Oh and you just can't forget about the holidays...looks like the rest of 2010 will be flying by for me!!!

Phewww...I'm out of breath! I think that's about it for now...sorry for the long post, but thanks if you've gotten this far! We're waiting on my mother-in-law to come by with some pizza tonight...yummm! Have a great evening!



Megan, you look fabulous dahhhling! Pregnancy is radiant on you :) glad things are going well and I think for now, just take things one step at a time and see how the future plays out! Can't wait to meet this little bundle of boy-joy! :) :) xoxoxox


You look wonderful. Seems like you are in the "energy" stage, enjoy it, it may not last too long ;) Can't wait to see your little one. With such a good lookin' mom & dad, he'll be a real cutie :)


awe, y'll are just too cute! You know we all want to see your little man so we can rave over him. Enjoy the burst of energy while you've got it!